Psmart cares about the quality of the solar inverters, which is to deliver strict standards and near-perfect products for your brand
Supply chain raw material inspection-IQC
PSMART control the purchase of raw materials, make quality confirmation, reduce the quality of the resulting cost increases, and achieve effective control of material quality.
Production Process Flow Implementation Standard - SOP
Production Process Flow Implementation Standard - SOP
During the production process, workers operate the equipment according to the customized standard process steps and comply with the production product precautions.
Production process quality control - IPQC
During the production process, regularly check and confirm the changes of production process parameters, and record the testing status to control and supervise as necessary.
Final quality inspection - FQC
Final quality inspection - FQC
PSMART completes all the production and process of the manufactured products and conducts step-by-step quality inspection.
Finished product sampling inspection - AQL
PSMART has strict standards for your branded products, and samples are tested before final delivery to ensure we lead high quality products for you.
Sample Tests:
Making Sure Quality of Mass Production
The sample acts as the bridge between quality components and quality mass production. Here in PSMART, our unique approach is to test the sample again and again under the most severe condition so that all the components are working to ensure the performance. Once the sample stand the tests, the QC team is responsible for recording its spec and providing BOM sheet for the mass production procedure.
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