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The Multi-UPS parallel functionality allows users to parallel up to 8 UPS’s at once for scalability and (N+1) via DSP control Full digital control technology makes the whole system more precise, fast reacting, reliable and stable. Precise intelligent monitor functions can provide RS232, dry contact and parallel interface. Using intelligent battery charging and discharging mode as well as management mode, one can effectively improve the battery life. The UPS system is put through strict tests of short circuit and 2KV high voltage isolation tests. An optional twelve pulse solution or plus active power filter is available to effectively correct the input power factor.
Customized packaging services
Psmart as a professional solar inverter maker, for your brand project considering the perfect supply chain system, any solar inverter contains conventional packaging and customized packaging, provide your brand logo, Psmart to realize your ideas into real products
Consider your brand uniformity
Psmart is very concerned about the unity of your brand, so Psmart provides you with exclusive logo laser engraving service to engrave your brand logo by laser machine on any place you specify on the tool.
Rated voltage
380/400/415V Three-phase+N+G
AC input range
Input frequency
45Hz~55Hz or 55Hz~65Hz
Noise level at 1m
IP rating
ECO mode efficiency
Up to 98%
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“ They know Europe market and are the first factory that designs fire-rated downlight. And the design is also very nice. ”
Procurement Manager, UK
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How We Design Products Here in PSMART?
How We Design Products Here in PSMART?
Product design faces issues such as complicated structures and inconsistent quality that hamper production. To resolve this, our experienced R&D department constantly develops designs combining advanced technology to ensure improved efficiency and guaranteed safety. Due to our industry knowledge, we get your ideas and modify them to give our products a better performance at every turn.
Manufacturing in Our Factory
Manufacturing in Our Factory
Powered by state-of-the-art machinery, PSMART meets high demands for both quantity and quality of products. We deliver our products within schedule. As we consider workplace safety, we follow 5S standards that make every operation in our workshops optimized for greater productivity and constant cleanliness. As an ISO-certified factory, we focus on ensuring quality in every step of manufacturing, preventing hazards for our products.
High quality tool standards are an important thing
Flawless Appearance
From size and shape to custom logos, we check every product to see if they follow your requirements and follow your preferred design.
Stable Functionality
We place our solar inverters under an aging test to measure their stability. Along with a voltage and product drop test, we validate the service life of our products to see if they optimally function.
Proper Assembly and Packaging
Before packaging, we check every component for any defects. When we finish inspections, we verify the packaging information to see if it is consistent with your order.
Transport Stability
We will test the stability of each type of packaging, to ensure that there will be no packaging detachment or product damage during transportation.
Flawless Appearance
Stable Functionality
Proper Assembly and Packaging
Transport Stability
Types of Low Frequency UPS
Our UPS include 3ph in 1ph out and 3ph in 3ph out.
Why cooperate with PSMART
PSMART possess a lot of advantages, such as great resource advantage, government policy advantage, industry technical talents advantage, Industry development frontier advantage. We have the great team of research and research and development productions,our team members have 10 years power industry experience and research and development a industry-leading level products each year. based upon market feedback,we constantly optimize productions in order to make it better stability and better suitability and we get good reputation among consumers.
For wholesalers, PSMART has a lot of products to meet your ideas, just contact us and one of our project managers will get back to you right away with a price you'll be happy with and a quality product.
OEM Products
PSMART offers strong OEM services that can build your brand, your wide selection of customized products with our certified factory production facilities and our team's extensive experience can make you competitive in your target market.
Drop Shipping
For the sustainability of your brand, PSMART support the one-for-one mode.The premise is that we get your authorization and signs the contract.
Psmart Supports Your Products Projects
Design and Development
Psmart offers impressive custom design options - based on your ideas and input, our R&D team is committed to creating a late buy efficient design that will benefit your end users
OEM Service Design
Get the best quality parts and materials for your tools from Psmart for high quality manufacturing, and our OEM services can help you build your brand and grow your business.
Solar inverter Manufacturing
Psmart has many years of experience in Solar inverter manufacturing - we have the perfect system for cost control, efficiency improvement, and quality control delivery in our factories
Quality Control
Psmart believes in high quality products for long-term cooperation - we use various quality inspection processes during the production stage to ensure quality
Order Management
Customer service is the top priority of Psmart, our project managers will keep our customers informed of the project progress regularly
Warranty and after-sales
Psmart offers a 3-year warranty on all tooling solutions, because we believe that providing our customers with after-sales service provides longer and more stable cooperation.
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